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Chris Richards
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I a 36 year old creative type, recently relocated to South Wales after living in Sussex for most of my life. I say ‘creative type’ because for reasons of confidence, I struggle somewhat with the labels ‘writer’, ‘artist’ and ‘photographer’. However, I do indeed write, draw and paint, and take photos on a regular basis.

When not creating, I love spending quality time with my Kindle, reading a broad range of fiction and non-fiction. I enjoy watching Blu-rays (especially the work of Studio Ghibli), and though not as often as I used to, I still love immersing myself in a good video game on the Xbox 360. Perhaps that will change when I eventually make the leap to try the Xbox One?


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Carmine Lake Motel
New Mexico
Present Day

Sheriff Chett Hewitt turned his gaze from the motel room door the drone had just entered, and watched as Agent Carson stood behind Ibarra, the operator, eyes unflinching from the screens and barked “Twenty metres in, keep it steady, what have we got?”

“Visibility five metres, nothing on UV or IR” replied a technician from behind an array of flight-cased instrument panels.

“Ambient temp 60 degrees, 37 percent humidity. Atmosphere breathable, slightly higher levels of nitrogen. Threshold alerts set.” added another as she simultaneously opened new diagnostic windows on her screen.

“Carry on.” replied Carson, cupping his elbow in his hand and stroking his lips.

It was clear to Chett that this was a well-oiled team. They were preempting one another, each knowing what the other needed. But Chett could see from their expressions, they weren’t comfortable. From years of reading people in interrogation rooms, he could spot fear a mile off.

“Sir, velocity’s just gone off the scale.” said Ibarra.

“… and we’ve lost visual.” added another.

“..aaaand we’re offline!” Ibarra slammed her hands down on the flight-cased control console “Damn it!”

“Shit!” said Carlson, turning away from the screens.

Chett looked up at room 36, thoughts of Todd racing through his mind.


Chett had been on routine traffic patrol on Route 70 when dispatch had called through a 10-21 at the Carmine Lake motel out on ‘54. Loud noises, possibly gunshots, and screaming had been heard, then housekeeping had noticed blood seeping under the door crack. Todd Craig, Chett’s deputy was closer, younger and smarter — Chett wasn’t afraid to admit this, with himself only 8 months from retirement somewhere in the Rockies where he could enjoy his autumn years in peace; so it was an obvious choice for Todd to respond first with Chett arriving soon after.

Chett pulled into the forecourt of the Carmine Lake motel half an hour after the dispatch call. Todd’s black and white was parked in the dusty forecourt along with what appeared to be some of the motel’s guests, and couple of Hispanic housekeepers looking up at the Motel first floor balcony with concern. He reached for his radio handset, wrestling with the old and tangled flex.

“213, I’m on scene.”

No response from Todd.

“205 to dispatch, you heard from 213? he called in.

A moment later, a short hiss off static, and dispatch replied “That’s a negative, 205”.


Chett got out the car as a short, stocky man with sweat-soaked pits approached. “Officer, I’m the shift manager here, I gave your friend the key to room 36, he went in, but we haven’t seen him since.” he said with a thick southern drawl.

“Has anyone been in since?” Chett replied frowning.

“No, sir. We’ve got a family coming up from Kansas. We’re supposed to have the room good for 2pm, but my girls won’t go in. One of ‘em went to ready the room shortly before your friend turned up, but she got real spooked when she saw the blood.”

Immediately, Chett unholstered his Smith & Wesson M&P and proceeded to climb the concrete staircase to room 36. From the forecourt below he heard the stocky man shouting “You want to watch yourself, sir. That room’s got the God-damn fires of hell or something in there.”

Chett’s ascent of the stairs was interrupted as three large, unmarked trucks and an APC pulled in of the highway and skidded to a halt in the forecourt. A roof mounted loudspeaker hailed “STAND DOWN OFFICER” in a tinny, aggressive voice.

These guys weren’t FBI, but they were government alright. Armed guards filed out and started pushing the now gathering crowd back, creating a perimeter, while a tall man with greying hair, and a moustache who reminded Chett of Harvey Keitel, stepped down from one of the trucks and strode across the forecourt towards Chett holding an ID badge out in front of him.

“Darrell Carson. I’m in charge now, and If you want to see your family again, I suggest you come away from that door.”


With the drone having seemingly disappeared into Room 36, Carson spoke into his earpiece. “Escobar, you’re up!”

A moment later, four armed men that Chett hadn’t seen when the trucks first arrived, descended from the rear of the APC, dressed in — well, Chett couldn’t say. They looked like wetsuits, but had a sturdy yet flexible looking, matte plating overlaid — clearly combat fatigues, but nothing like he’d seen before. Their faces were shrouded in what looked like breathing masks, with tri-lens visors attached. An array of chuck-kuk sounds and high pitched whines like a camera flashes charging sounded as they locked and loaded their assault rifles, and quickly ascended the stairs.

They took up breach formation around room 36, before Escobar opened the door. Immediately a feeling of de-pressurisation filled the area, along with a nearly sub-audible rumble and a roar like cascading water. Chett felt dizzy and his ears hurt — like they always did when landing at at any airport, no matter how hard he chewed on gum — the sharp pains running right down into his neck and his hearing muffling.

The team filed in, pivoting in line with the weapons. The door closed behind them. The pressure normalised. There was silence.


The team had remained in radio contact for five minutes before it was lost. That was two hours ago Chett realised looking at clock on the motel’s matrix sign, cycling between the time and the current temperature.

He was a thinker, he had to be in this job, but it always plagued him. He could never turn it off. What what he going to tell Tammy if Todd didn’t come back. He’d delivered bad news to next of kin countless times before and it was never easy, but it was even worse if it was one of his own — and with Todd’s first daughter coming up to four years old, and Tammy pregnant with a second, he felt like he’d failed in his responsibilities. Shit, Todd, don’t let me down, man.

“Sir, we’ve got blips!” piped one of the technicians, discarding his coffee and attending to his workstation. The remaining guards posted outside room 36 stood to, weapons pointed at the door. There was a wap-wap-wap pulsing, almost like the sound of chopper blades. The de-pressurisation feeling returned, then the rumble, then silence. Moments later, the door burst open and Escobar appeared dragging what looked like Todd beside him. Both Chett and Carlson raced up the stairs.

Jesus, Todd, no! Chett could barely believe what he saw in front of him. Both men were not only naked, but a had also seemed to have aged by at least 30 years. In two hours? Todd was barely conscious, moaning softly, blood weeping from two bloodied holes where his eyes had once been, and covered all over in a pattern of what appeared to be shallow lacerations. It looked like writing — highly graphical, but not like anything he’d seen.

“Escobar what the fuck happened?” Carlson said, trying to sound official, but with fear clearly creeping into his voice.

Escobar’s eyes darted around, his arms in spasms, and taking in short breaths. The combat-hardened man now resembling more of a frightened, vulnerable child.

“S-ss-sir….” he stuttered “I think… we found God.”
It feels good to be back on Deviant Art again. I used to be on here as a photographer, but my photography days are now behind me.  

I feel I’ve reached a turning point with my art - I’ve let go of my perfectionism. This has allowed me to find value in simply doodling with pleasing colours and shapes. A simple, landscape that looks like it was drawn by a child - that’s fine - it’s the fact that I’ve done ‘something’ that’s important to me now.


Before, I wouldn’t upload anything until I considered it finished - which is a death knell for a perfectionist. I’m now more inclined to upload something I’ve been working on at the end of the day whether it is finished or not - kind of following Seth Godin’s ‘ship it’ principle.


As a child I was a prolific artist, but it’s been many years since I’ve sat down to create art. This has instilled a feeling of losing my talent, that I should be better because I used to be. But I’ve accepted that it’s okay to be a bit crap. I’m not going to get better by hiding away, frustrated that my creations aren’t as good as I want them to be - after all, I’m not as good as I want to be. It’s a progression, and by letting go of the perfectionism, I have improved - I’m now a bit less crap than I was at the beginning of the year - by the end of the year, hopefully even less.


I like the Scrapbook gallery. It gives me a place to view all of my experiments and shows me that even though not everything I attempt ends up as a viable piece of work, I am actually putting the time in and that’s encouraging.


I feels good to have the visual creative outlet once again. I’m looking forward to getting back into the habit.


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